A fantastic writing contest for you – Open until 20th February 2018

If you feel your thirst for creative writing has not been quenched yet, here is another contest you can enter.

This time, it is about writing a short story (1000 words maximum), or a personal account (Non-fiction: memories, dreams for the future, a personal experience…1000 words maximum), or a lyrical song/poem (80 lines maximum).

The most important quality to succeed is creativity and your ability to grip the reader’s attention.

Conditions of submission:

  • Format: Word or PDF
  • Deadline: 20th February 2018

Make sure you include the following information on each production:

  • Selected category: Fiction / non-Fiction / Song or Poem
  • First name + Surname
  • Lycée français du Caire
  • Class level : “collège” or “Lycée”
  • Age
  • Your teacher’s Name + e-mail address

Your teacher will select five production per class maximum and send them to the jury in Paris. 

In addition to the Didier Publications jury, voters will choose the winners on https://www.facebook.com/PaperPlanesTeens/  from 03/04/2018 until 13/05/2018.

The first three winners -one per category- unconditionally agree to see their creations published in I love English magazine, on editionsdidier.com  website, and on paperplanesteens.fr 

Results will be announced on 16/05/2018.

PRIZES (in each of the three categories: Fiction; non-fiction, Poem/song)

First prize: A digital book reader + two books from the Paper Planes collection + a one-year subscrption to the  Love English magazine.

Second prize: An “England-Wales” guidebook   + six books from the Paper Planes Collection

Third prize: A “London” guidebook + four books from the Paper Planes Collection

Fourth to tenth prize : One book from the Paper Planes Collection 

It is high time you grabbed your favourite pen!

Good luck,

The LFC English Team.